Charger History

Edison Charger History

Originally the school was going to be called Kennedy High, in honor of the late President, but there were complaints about that and the idea was shelved.

When Edison High came into being, a controversy arose over just what Edison was… was it Thomas A. Edison High? Or was it Edison Power Plant High? No one knew, and finally it was put to the School Board. Their answer? It was just Edison High, period. Not Thomas A. Edison, not Edison the Steam Power Plant, Just “Edison” and no other explanation.

The first choice for school colors were cardinal and gold with nickname the “Spartans”; but Bill Vail “loved” a man named Vince Lombardi and wanted his team decked out in uniforms styled after the Green Bay Packers. He got his wish. The colors were changed to Green and Gold and the name became the “Chargers.