Edison Baseball Team:
I would like to congratulate Coach Chinn along with the rest of his staff on a successful albeit
delayed season. This season was the most challenging one ever experienced by any team and the
Edison Chargers showed how to meet the situation head on with dignity and class. When
athletes could have felt sorry for themselves, we chose the opposite and played with joy and
energy built up because of not playing for over a year. I am so proud of all your efforts. Good
Job Chargers!
As you reflect on the season I’m sure you will revel in the associations you have made, the
competitive spirit that has driven you and how the athletic experience has enhanced your
personal growth and development. One day you will tell your own kids how you came out of
one of the darkest times in our country’s history better than ever.
To the Seniors I wish you good luck and remind you that you will always be a member of the
“Charger Family.” As you reflect on your years at Edison I hope you will feel honored to say
“Proud to Be a Charger.”
To all the returners I challenge you to become a better student-athlete and most important, a
better human being. Work hard in the classroom as well as the weight room and learn to treat
your fellow student with dignity and respect. You can do great things next year but only if you
are willing to work hard in the off-season.
Proud to Be a Charger!
Coach Boyce